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Voetsy is an online marketplace and creative community that brings together talented sellers and buyers looking for something unique

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While […]

  • One of the reasons Voetsy was created, was out of a love for everything across the arts and crafty universe. So that […]

  • Here at Voetsy, we believe all our vendors are creative geniuses… and Michelle is no exception! Her stunning range of […]

  • Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog! Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought…!

  • So I came across an article written by Zdravko Cvijetic on recently, that remarkably managed to narrow down to just 13, the number of things you should give up […]

  • So yes, Halloween in South Africa may not be the all out boo-nanza it is in America… but it does seem as though every year the Halloween spirit is rising. Two puns, one […]

  • Nicole Smith posted an update 1 year ago

    Voetsy Update: Check out our Instagram feed on 🙂

  • Making Magic
    There is no end to the upcycle magic you can create with embellishments. Also known as appliqués or furniture mouldings, these little pieces can have a big […]

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  • Heritage Day is just around the corner! So we did a bit of googling and found some great things you and the family (or your furbabies) can do that’s different from the […]

  • There is something magical about Spring, isn’t there? The chill in the air starts easing off just enough to start enjoying sitting outside again in the evenings; with the sun […]

  • Request to join the Facebook Group Creative Geniuses on the Voetsy Facebook Page!

  • It’s National Women’s Day in South Africa tomorrow, 09 August, which means it’s a public holiday.

    Now, I also know what this day means for me…

    It will mean a “day off” […]

  • Times are tough. Petrol prices are higher than politicians’ opinions of themselves, the Rand value is resembling a homesick mole and here we are, stuck like a skinny piggy in the […]

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