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Welcome to Voetsy

Voetsy is an online marketplace and creative community that brings together talented sellers and buyers looking for something unique

Guest Feature Fridays!


So our team here at Voetsy was thinking it would be a great idea if we got to hear more from our peeps, and let others hear from them too. We want to open our blog on Fridays and let you guys have your say… Sharing is caring!

If you have something to share, check out the list below, and give us a shout on and we’ll be in touch to see how we can make your Friday a Fri-yay by getting you published.


Content we’re looking for:

Crafty DIY – tell us how to make cool stuffs
Yumz – let your inner foodie out and share the love
Making Magic – Tell us how you made magic in someone’s life with your talents

Hey, if there’e anything else you want to share that’s not in the list above, give us a shout anyway, we’re open to suggestions…

Just remember, we’re looking for original content that is 110% your own, please don’t get us sued by using someone else’s stuff… lawyers are expensive.

Cheers for now,


The Voetsketeers, like musketeers, get it?

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