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Herbs are amazing plants…easy to grow and care for, even the least experienced gardeners can experience the satisfaction of their own home grown harvest.


Adding fresh herbs to your favourite dishes will given them amazing flavours and probably what they are most well known for, but did you know they have medicinal properties as well?


To help you better understand the benefits of those leafy wonders on your kitchen windowsill, we’ve put together a little guide of awesome-ness to some of our favourite herbs.


Happy Plants Basilcally 900

For the Kitchen

One of the most widely used herbs, Basil adds flavour to almost any Italian dish, from pastas to pizzas and everything in between. They make mouth-watering sauces and add something extra to salads. Basil is even used in some desserts.

For You

Basil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant. It can help relieve gas, and can be used for cuts and scrapes to hasten healing. Chewing on fresh basil leaves can also freshen breath.


Happy Plants Big Dill 900

For the Kitchen

Dill is a fantastic herb to use for pickling, and can be added to soups, stews and potatoes as well. Used most often with fish and seafood dishes, this versatile herb is a win to use for your tzatziki sauce as well.

For You

You can benefit from dill’s antioxidant properties and to ease digestive problems. Dill is a natural antihistamine and can help clear respiratory congestion. It’s known to lower blood pressure and improve circulation too.


Happy Plants Mint To Be

For the Kitchen

Mint is a wonderful herb to use in teas and beverages with its slightly sweet and cool flavour. Add mint to salads and sauces for some extra zing, and of course for that Sunday roast lamb, mint jelly is a must.

For You

Use mint tea to help sooth a crampy and upset tummy, as well as to clear nasal congestion. It’s of course good to use for improving breath, and can help with the relief of nausea.


Happy Plants Oregano 900

For the Kitchen

Oregano pairs up well with Italian, Greek and Mexican dishes. It has a robust flavour that compliments tomatoes and baby marrows very well, and is used for chicken, fish and lamb dishes.

For You

Oregano possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can aid the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke, as well as increase the metabolism with its diuretic properties.


Happy Plants PArsley 900

For the Kitchen

Parsley can be added to just about any dish and is one of the most versatile herbs to use with your cooking. Parsley can be added to savoury dishes such as soups and stews for it’s fresh flavour, as well as to omelettes, salads and meat dishes.

For You

Parley’s ability to lower homocysteine levels makes it a heart healthy food, as well as being an excellent source of Vitamin C. Chewing the raw herb can promote fresh breath and healthy skin, and infused parsley can be used a hair conditioner.


Happy Plants RoseMerry 900

For the Kitchen

Rosemary has a gorgeous flavour for soups and stews. Enhance your marinades and gravies by infusing them with rosemary, and you’ll have everyone coming back for more! Chicken, lamb and game are meats best paired with this herb.

For You

Rosemary is beneficial in improving mood, relieving stress and anxiety, as well as relieving migraines. It can improve your immune system and memory and assist with digestive health.


Happy Plants Sage

For the Kitchen

Sage is a wonderfully aromatic plant with a strong flavour, which means a little sage goes a long way when adding into your dishes. Use sage for pasta dishes and par with meats like chicken, beef and pork.

For You

Sage can be used to reduce skin inflammation and swelling associated with insect bites. Also known for improving digestive health,memory function and bone development.


Happy Plants Party Thyme

For the Kitchen

Thyme is a great addition to Mediterranean dishes and will add a wonderful aroma to your cooking. Add to marinades, eggs and vegetables and pair with most meats including chicken, fish and game.

For You

Thyme can help reduce respiratory ailments such as coughing and bronchitis, as well as provide antiseptic properties for fevers. It can help ease a sore throat and relieve fatigue and depression.

There is abundant information available on the web regarding the health benefits of the herbs mentioned above as well as so many more. We do recommend that you exercise caution though when regarding the validity of this information, and even the above should by no means serve as professional medical advice, always chat to your doctor if you’re unsure about how to use herbs.


That said, we wish you many happy hours of herbing! And if you’d like to get a great start to your garden, check out our store.

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