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Hi Guys,


It’s no doubt that the thought of starting a business is both that of exhilaration and major uncertainty. If you’re sitting there, rocking back and forth on the edge of contemplation, swinging between “I should just do it” and “I can’t”, then this little tale is for you.


And please, we totally get it, we’ve been there! That’s exactly why we’ve decided to share some local inspiration with you.


Once upon a time in the year of 1999 on Valentine’s Day, a little company was launched as a test case for e-commerce in South Africa. The intention was to just run the site for one day, a site that was built to be very basic with small data and really only relied on e-mail marketing. The founders admit to not knowing much about their product or having any kind of real strategy or operations planned out. You know things like market research, fulfillment of orders or technology.


In their first month of business their turn-over was R30 000 worth of orders! This little company that just decided to go for it is one that we all love and turn to: NetFlorist.


One of the founders, Ryan Bacher is quoted as saying:


“What’s really crazy is that people were paying for us to provide a service. We had no stock and knew nothing about flowers. We just sent orders to a flower shop in Sandton”Ryan Bacher


NetFlorist has since gone on to be a huge retailer in the South African market, and no doubt that every one of us has at some point, and maybe more, turned to them for help with a special occasion or a just because! The point is, and probably the message here that we love the most, is that you don’t have to have it all figured out first.

“To begin, begin”- William Wordsworth


The story of NetFlorist is a truly inspiring one and if you’re keen to know all the deets, you can visit their blog: “The Rambing Rose”, I know right! Super cute stuff. And if you find yourself needing some more Inspo, than do yourself a favor and hop on over to Entrepreneur Magazine and check out their article “10 SA Entrepreneurs Who Built Their Business From Nothing

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