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Welcome to Voetsy

Voetsy is an online marketplace and creative community that brings together talented sellers and buyers looking for something unique

It’s not ABOUT US, it’s about you, but since you asked…

We are Voetsy

A homemade business created by passionate people for people with a passion to create…

Creating Together

How it all started…

From then

To now

Have you ever had that feeling that there is just “something” more to your life and that maybe you should be doing something else with it? Maybe something that doesn’t involve desks, payslips and bosses?
That’s how Voetsy was created… it started with that feeling, which turned into an idea, that became talking, and then talking became actions… and abracadabra!


Here you are reading about us on our website.

In just one month

That’s how good ideas start, and we may be biased but we think it’s a pretty darn good idea.

It’s All Good Things

And really… what isn’t good about helping other people, who have an idea and passion just like us, run their own business, by doing what they love and what they’re great at? And giving people a place to  find great homemade products that they love… all in one place? That is all good things!
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We’ve seen amazingly talented people in our country making awesome homemade everything, but we had to search high and low.

Hands Using Scissor Cutting Paper to Leaf Design Handicraft
Closeup of painting palette
That’s where we come in… Through a quality online purchasing platform, business support and tools, and proactive, targeted marketing, we provide those amazing people with an easier and more professional way to get their talents seen and sold. Everything we do is designed to bring those talents and potential customers together, in such a way that ensures a fantastic experience for both Buyers and Sellers.
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So that’s what we’re about… good ideas, awesome homemade everything, amazing people and quality experiences… but mostly we’re about passion, it’s what we do everything with.