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Welcome to Voetsy

Voetsy is an online marketplace and creative community that brings together talented sellers and buyers looking for something unique

Here we give you the low down on some things you might need to know… if you still have questions, consult our wise Oracles on, they know all…

What exactly is an "online marketplace"

Fancy way of saying “you can buy all kinds of stuff on one site from different people”. The Voetsy site offers people a way to sell their products online and run their own online store, coz we’re nice like that. Important to remember is that you’re ordering directly through our Sellers, not us, so we manage the payments and the site overall but not the products or services themselves. We’re not the boss of them.

What kinds of things can I buy?

The kinds of things that make you go “oooh” and “aaaah” of course…! We are all about homemade, handcrafted, unique and amazing here at Voetsy. We know that South Africa has so many talented artisans and we are first and foremost about giving them a way to market and sell themselves and their craft epically, epiccally… in an epic way. So what you’ll find on this site are goods and services that are handcrafted and sold through businesses that are homemade.

Do I need an account to buy?

You won’t need to register an account with us to buy your awesome stuffs, unless you want to, but you do need to give us some details when you check out… it’s oviaas because our Sellers need to know how to get in touch with you and where to send your amazing goodies.

How do I open a shop?

It’s quick and simple. Voetsy offers you three options when joining our fabulous fam, one of them FREE! Just click on membership plans at the top of the home page, and select which membership will suit you best. Once you’ve completed some info for us, give us a minute to suss it out, and we’ll either approve your shop and send you some next steps, or we’ll be in touch to chat if there’s more info we need.

What's the deal with shipping?

Our Sellers are responsible for shipping and determining shipping costs through whatever means they use to send goodies out. We don’t run their logistics, no ones likes a micro-manager… just remember, if you buy from different vendors, you’re probably going to have different processing times and probably different delivery times. Check out the Seller’s store policies for more info.

How do I know this is legit?

No hard feelings, we get it, the internet is a scary place. For all our serious stuff, you can read our Ts&Cs and Privacy Policy. Our Sellers are vetted and approved before opening their shops, and we have Buyers and Sellers guides that you should follow to allow us to help out if things go pear-shaped.