Tiny rubber compass rose motif handbag


This Compass Rose Bag is a handmade gem designed as a tiny bag which you can take anywhere! Made from up-cycled proudly South African truck tyre tubes.

Lovingly designed in the Compass Rose motif so you can find your way back to the Purple Earth store! 🙂












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This handmade gem, the Compass Rose Bag is designed as a tiny bag that you can take anywhere! Made from up-cycled proudly South African truck inner tube.

Lovingly designed in the Compass Rose motif so you can find your way back to the Purple Earth store! 🙂

Up-cycled vegan handmade bag – Unique bags so you can always stand out from the crowd!!!

Upgrade your image and spoil yourself or someone else with an exceptionally handcrafted RE-TREAD handbag… It’s different!


RE-TREADS products are made from genuine South African truck, car and bicycle inner-tubes.
RE-TREADS are: Washable, waterproof and made from recycled rubber.
RE-TREADS are designed and handcrafted in Gordon’s Bay by Purple Earth.
RE-TREADS bags are assembled using nickel-plated tubular rivets, magnetic clasps and various fun decorations.
RE-TREADS products can be custom-made to order.

Materials: Up-cycled truck, car and bicycle inner-tubes (Silicone polished). Magnetic clasp. Nickel plated tubular rivets. Metal D rings. Fun decoration. Average tiny bag size: 18cm x 10cm x 10cm.

Compass Rose Motif Bag

*Please be aware that the shipping time will be slightly longer on bigger orders.
*Please be aware that no two bags are identical so on bulk or repeat orders of the same item there may be slight variations due to the nature of the materials and the way in which each bag is hand crafted.

Additional information

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 18 x 10 x 10 cm

Purple Earth


The Purple Earth was started in August 2018 by Chantel & Aidan.   We create handcrafted products which are different and unique from the usual run-of-the mill mainstream stuff. We design and manufacture the items from our home in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.   Much research has gone into current trends in fashion and fashion accessories as well as background on the more esoteric items we produce such as dreamcatchers which we make in the traditional Navajo Native American way using similar materials and the spiritual meanings behind them.   For our rubber products, we utilise up-cycled materials such as old truck, car and bicycle inner tubes. Eco and animal friendly, our ‘RE-TREADS’ handbags are one such product and each item is distinctive in the way that each merchandise piece is handmade from scratch and no two bags are identical which means that each piece of merchandise ends up as one-of-a-kind creation that sets each prospective owner apart from the current typical humdrum fashion-item stereotype.   Having been involved in the music industry, we were compelled to bring that element into the Purple Earth fold. We are proud to add “Wired For Sound” musician figurines to their shop.   Each wire sculpture is handmade by Sunday (our production partner) using wire and beads. So far we have guitar players, saxophonists, double bass and bass players, trumpet and trombone players, a keyboard player complete with Hammond organ, maraca players, dancers, vocalists and even a teensy-weensy guitar amp to boot! There’s also a ‘Led Zeppelin’ style guitarist playing his guitar with a bow and there are more musicians coming down the wire!   Another music-themed product is the PICK-POCKET which is a handy key-ring pouch in which guitarists and bass guitarists can keep their picks and plectrums safe.   Purple Earth continues to add more and more unique and fun designs to their collection so watch this space for updates!   Purple Earth sells its products locally and internationally.  

The Purple Earth Journey

In the beginning…

Chantel and Aidan live with their cat, Merkie, in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town South Africa.

Chantel & Aidan…

Chantel & Aidan   We are a couple with a passion for music, crafts, art and all things Earth. We were involved with the music industry for quite some time and trust us… it’s a hard business. Although we still love it we really wanted to start following our dreams and go full time into something we love… making beautiful things for folks that appreciate unique handmade stuff. In the beginning of August 2018 we formed a company called Purple Earth to make our handcrafted products. It’s been a long journey and our paths led us to here. As a result, we are putting our hearts and souls into embracing our wacky and weird side… you can definitely find it in our work! Different and weird is the new cool ☺… We threw away the box a long time ago… We upcycle and recycle anything into art to do our bit for the environment and make this a better world. We love what we do and we do it so well! We hope you love our products as much as we love making them.  

Merkie’s Tail (Tale)…

Merkie   I am a cat. You may have noticed this due to the four feet, fur and fangs. I am no ordinary cat. I'm the not so silent partner and add cuteness to the workshop. I’m also full of meow and I have two slaves that worship me. My slaves run a shop they call Purrrple Earth and use lots of cat toys to make things. Cat toys like bird fly thingies (my slaves call them “feathers”), car rubber thingies and other cool stuff that I like to play with and sometimes hide to frustrate my slaves when they don’t give me attention. I look after the humans and give them paws for thought. I'm not your average felis domesticus... I'm a cat with a purrpose!  

A problem with space and time (Or where it all started)…

We were booking bands and doing PR and media for live music venues (Aidan is a sound engineer, radio DJ and music journalist by trade). We did the rounds setting up the sound at venues where our acts are performed (sometimes up to 4 per night!).   As most guys and girls will know, the inside of a woman’s handbag can be susceptible to a temporal shift whereby items in the bag can fall into a different time and space continuum! Chantel’s bag did this on a regular basis and frustrated the hell out of her as items such as lipstick, eyeliner, lighters, pens etc. disappeared into another universe only to show up days, sometimes months, later having returned from their jaunt from a parallel universe. Chantel was also irritated that the inside of her bag, being made of a synthetic lining material, could not be washed or cleaned.   Aidan mentioned that many years ago he had created a bag that could prevent all this from happening. He had used materials such as recycled truck, car and bicycle inner-tube, nickel plated rivets and other items to manufacture handbags that were firmly held in the present and protected their contents from space-time anomalies. He named them RE-TREADS. Aidan proceeded to make one for Chantel and since then the paranormal activity has stopped! Chantel loves the bag and carries it everywhere with her.   Due to subsequent requests from ladies who wanted the same, Chantel and Aidan decided to start making these unique up-cycled bags again so that more women could protect their belongings and make a unique fashion statement that is eco and animal friendly, washable, durable and fixed on the current timeline.   Chantel and Aidan formed a company called Purple Earth to make these handcrafted products. RE-TREADS were reborn… RE-TREADS include our inner tube rubber vegan bags and accessories therefore when you buy one of these you may be carrying a truck tyre that was driving on the highway a month ago or a bicycle tyre that was in a race!  
RE-TREADS: Wing-stone design handbag   An addition to the RE-TREADS range is an item called a ‘Pick-Pocket’. Pick-Pockets designed for guitarists and bass-guitarists whose guitar picks and plectrums frequently end up elsewhere in space and time. These are handmade using the same principles and materials as the handbags. Pick-Pockets take the form of a handy key-ring pouch to protect and keep guitar picks and plectrums safe.  

Catching the dream…

Large dream catcher with Martial eagle feathers   Aidan lived in Namibia for just over a year.   I went to Namibia in the beginning of 1999 while touring with a band as their sound engineer and keyboard player. The venue owner invited me back to help set up the sound system in a natural amphitheatre formed from huge dunes in the desert just outside Swakopmund. I ended up moving there as and became the resident DJ at his club. I eventually ended up as venue manager and did voice-over work for their national radio station, Radio Wave.   When I had some free time I used to make dream-catchers for friends. At some stage, the venue owner had his couch re-upholstered and I got from him some of the old leather which I cut into strips and used to wrap the dream-catcher hoops akin to the traditional Navajo way and using clear quartz crystals. When I got back to Cape Town I went back into the music industry as a sound engineer and booking agent. Moving forward to 2018, now in Gordon’s Bay and reunited with Chantel, the love of my life, we were doing music booking, PR and media for some of the venues in the area. We both loved the craft side of things (especially the weird and the quirky) and liked popping into some of the local shops. We saw quite a few dream-catchers but they were gaudy and made with metal or plastic hoops. I remembered how I used to make them and we set out to find some willow trees and feathers… Not easy as many of those trees had been removed do to the water crisis in the Western Cape. A muso friend of ours just happened to have a willow tree on his property and gave us some branches as well as some Guinea-fowl feathers. We got some crystals from a friend who owned a gem stall at the local market and some leather from a local reupholstering place.   Now having all the materials, we did a great deal of research on the historical and spiritual methods that the original Navajos used including the spiritual meanings of the different types of feathers and the traditional Navajo music. We wanted to make them as close as possible to the traditional way in which they was originally made and so Chantel & I set out to make our first dream-catchers for Purple Earth. Some of the bigger ones we make with Eagle and Owl feathers.  

Wired for sound…

Wired For Sound: The Band!!!   As we were involved in the music industry for many years, we wanted to introduce a music-themed element to our craft shop. We were looking for something different. Many years ago Aidan met Sunday at a venue in Cape Town where he was making and selling wire and bead figurines of martial arts-posed characters. He made a few for me to take to music festivals when I ran the merchandise stalls. We lost touch over the years.   Fast -Forward to 2018 when we were at a market on a wine farm in Stellenbosch where we were organising the live music. Sunday just happened to be trading there that day and he and we re-connected… I remembered that he made the figurines and put four and six together… Lo and behold! This was exactly what we were looking for so we added “Wired For Sound” musician figurines to our range.   According to the Urban Dictionary "Wired For Sound" means Hyper, overly excited, probably jittery. It also refers to someone wearing a personal stereo system… Yup… That’s what a “Walkman” was described as in the 80’s… Cliff Richard even sang about being "Wired For Sound" back in 1981.   I found some of the originals in storage and we now have some of them displayed on top of the speakers in our studio, Oh… and yes… I did own a Walkman and I’m sure it’s still in storage somewhere!

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