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How to get creative during load shedding

So it seems load shedding is back, and with a stage 4 vengeance… served cold… like your dinner.

While we’re sure that you are by now no stranger to the dark, and probably have a myriad of contingency plans in place to lighten the load shedding… we thought we’d share some creative things we found about what you can do to beat the blackout blues.

Creative Ideas for Charging Cell Phones

Potatoes. Yup, we looked into this a bit and apparently it’s possible. If you have 110 pounds of potatoes and live under a rock where power banks and car chargers don’t exist, then this is the solution for you. If you’re interested in taking up potato farming, own a potato farm, or have credible evidence that the world is ending… you can check out Popular Mechanics for how to generate your very own potato power here. Creative yes, but if you’re more into the idea that potatoes are better next to your burger than charging your phone, you can read some more good and proper tips from Santam here.

Creative Ideas for Food

Potatoes. Just kidding, we need to save those to charge our phones. It can be the bane of our existance to try and come up with some kind of edible solution during load shedding. What’s more fun is when Eskom and City Power play “Whose schedule is it anyway?” and surprise you at dinner time with load shedding you weren’t scheduled for and off to the golden arches you go, along with everyone in your neighbourhood. As much fun as standing in a long line with hungry kids and grumpy grownups is, maybe try reading this article from The Consumer Report and give your wallet and your waistline a break. The article is written for Americans bracing severe snow storms, but Winter is coming South Africa… and the night will be dark and your fridge full of rotting terrors.

Creative Ideas for Boredom

If you have any potatoes left after charging your phone, you could try using them to make stamps and decorate things. If this doesn’t grab you, then you can check out this article from Wikihow on beating blackout boredom… Most fun activities in the absence of electricity will make you relive your own childhood but you’ll probably have to work hard to convince your kids that these are actually fun things to do in the absence of screens. Don’t be alarmed if they’re not sure how to work a book. They’ll warm up to it eventually when their tablets die, just have patience and most of all… make it fun. It’s your chance to play hide and seek and be a kid again. For stages four, five and six… when things are really desperate, here’s a list of 101 things you can do from HubPages.

Creative Ideas for Getting off the Grid

Potatoes aside, if you’re the crafty DIY type, then perhaps you should consider making your own power generators or solar panels. Survivopedia and Instructables will be your go to sites for all the advice you need on living a load shedding free existance. No more will you have to join the mad McDonald’s scramble with your neighbours, your fridge will never be frightening and your families entertainment will still be securely in the safe hands of Netflix. If you’re not that handy with a drill, you could always just make your own candles… you never know, it could turn into a thriving side business for you. Candles, like toilet paper, can run out at very inconvenient times.


So there you have it, some ideas on what to do in a dark situation… and for those magical times when the lights are on and the world is bright and beautiful again, check out the Lextan Crafts and Designs shop for stunning hand crafted light fixtures and LED lamps.