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Talking to Talent: Kristin from Apparition Jewellery

Okay, we know we shouldn’t have favourites… but Kristin’s shop is definitely one of our faves on Voetsy. We honestly had know idea what chainmaille jewellery was when we gave Kristin’s shop the go ahead, and boy, were we amazed when her products were uploaded! Her jewellery is so gorgeous and unique, that we’re always eager to see what magic she makes next.

Read on to learn more about Kristin and her creative process behind making her stunning products…


Kristin, Owner of Apparition Jewellery

How would you describe the products that you make and sell?

I initially tried my hand at wire jewellery, but it didn’t come naturally to me.  I then had jump rings and other supplies lying around, so started putting things together.  Before I knew it, I had learned chainmaille, so decided to include it in my work.  I look for tutorials online on how to make the weaves, and then create either the design off the internet or my own creation.  For example, for some items, I have taken a design straight off Pinterest, all in the aid of learning.  I don’t claim these designs as my own, and I believe in transparency.

Half Persian 3 in 1 Evil Eye Round Diamante Charm Bracelet
Blue Bead Filigree Teardrop Earrings
What do you love about the creative process behind your products?

I love making things with my hands and having a tangible result.  I enjoy just being creative.  I learn as I go along, and that brings me joy.

Celtic Labyrinth Chain Bracelet
Captured Pearl Beads & Moon Charm Earrings
Describe your craft space for us.

My craft space is full of a bit of everything.  I have candles, herbs, my crafting supplies, my Monster High doll, crystals, the works!  I have a table in our home office where I have all my supplies stored.  Do I have enough space?  Absolutely not.  Do I stop buying supplies?  Nope.

Gold & Silver Tone European 4 in 1 Bracelet
Oriental Scale Gold-Tone Elephant Charm Earrings
What is an absolute essential for you to have in your craft space while you’re creating?

Order.  I’m a bit of a neat freak, yet my craft table is ALWAYS a mess.  So most of the time before I sit and create I have to tidy it up a bit.  Other than that, definitely my scented candles.

Tree Of Life Byzantine Weave Bracelet
Celtic Visions, Chain & Green Aventurine Pendant
Tree of Life European 4 in 1 Cluster Earrings
Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

As I’m still learning as I go along, I mainly check the official chainmaille tutorials.  I like to keep an eye on trends, and if something pops out, I’ll try to incorporate it.  I do try my best to create from my own ideas and not look at what others do too much.  I think when you constantly check what others are doing, it takes away from your own creativity.  I have the capacity to come up with amazing things, and I try to rely on that aspect of myself instead of looking at others.

Fieldstone Infinity Charm Necklace
Blue Fender Thin Guitar Pick Simple Silver Chain Necklace
When are you at your most creative?

I think I’m at my most creative when I’m calm and relaxed.  Life gets so stressful, and that gets in the way of really tapping into your creativity.

Tri-Colour Helm Weave Bracelet
Byzantine & Bronze Tone Scalemaille Earrings
How do you overcome creative blocks?

I find music to be the most therapeutic.  Listening to some of my favourite songs or spending time with my loved ones helps relax me.

European 4 in 1 Bracelet
Seed Of Life Dream Catcher Earrings
What is your opinion on buying handmade products versus mass produced retail products?

There are some mass produced products that are great.  However I feel that we should all be supporting small businesses as much as possible.  Handmade products are made with love.  There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into creating these products, and that alone should be reason enough to choose them over mass produced products.  Hand-made very often means higher quality, which is just great.

European 4 in 1 Clusters & Chain Bracelet
Pink Fringe European 4 in 1 Necklace
Pink & Red Bead Earrings
What advice would you give to crafters thinking of selling online?

Go for it!  The only thing holding you back is you.  I decided to start selling my products, and I haven’t looked back.  I’ve faced negativity and people who try to bring me down for doing a similar craft to them, but so what?!  If getting your craft out there is what you truly want and makes you happy, then you should follow that dream.

Smiling Sun Charm & Half Persian 3-in-1 Bracelet
What’s in store for the future?

My ultimate goal is just to keep growing and expanding.  There are a few things in the works that I won’t mention now, but I just want to keep creating.  There is so much to learn and try, and I won’t stop.

Celtic Knot Charm Byzantine Weave Chainmaille Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Amethyst Crystal Necklace
Byzee Bees to Butterflies Weave & Pentacle Earrings

Believe it or not, there’s MORE to see in Kristin’s shop! Browse through her full range of gorgeous handmade jewellery by clicking the button below.

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