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The Art of Embellishing

Making Magic

There is no end to the upcycle magic you can create with embellishments. Also known as appliqués or furniture mouldings, these little pieces can have a big impact when you’re wanting to give something a fresh new look.

They’re made from wood or resin, and there are benefits to both. Resin embellishments will allow you to apply on curved or uneven surfaces, because of their pliability. Wooden embellishments are more expensive and are used on wooden pieces when wanting to get the same traditional look and feel on a wood project.

Create & Save

Not only can you save yourself a ton of money by upcycling existing pieces of furniture you have rather than buying them new, you’ll also have the endless satisfaction of looking at a beautiful piece in your home that you created. You could take an old side table or wardrobe and turn it into a masterpiece, or give your kitchen a makeover fit for a magazine spread. You could also give your plants a gorgeously elegant home with just a coat of paint and an embellishment or two.

It’s Easy!

Normally you’d think it would take a heap of effort to get such a fantastic result, but the best part of this is how easy it is to do. You really just need to select your paint colour, choose a beautiful embellishment, sand, stick, paint and admire.

Granny B-8
Get Inspired

If you have a look around your home, we’re willing to bet there are a number of things you can see that would be beautiful with embellishments, hopefully we’ve inspired you to make something magical!


Happy Upcycling!
The Voetsy DIY Blog Team

Along with giving you inspiration, we also have all the products you’ll need right here on Voetsy! Our vendors are super passionate about their products so you’ll get fantastic support and advice too! Click on below images to view a wide variety of handmade resin embellishments from Surita’s creations, and SA’s number one selling chalk paint from Granny B’s.

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