Here you will find a variety of unique everything. Our novelty store is filled with unique and trendy homeware, apparel, accessories and more for both light-hearted and the not-faint-of-heart shoppers that are guaranteed to get ooh's and awh's, capture hearts, grab attention and even cause an uprising!




WE ARE CRAFTISAUCE: designers and makers with an overwhelming compulsion to create, relentlessly designing and making things with an aim to capture attention with a sense of fun and originality. By day we are full-time graphic designers, and by night we let the CraftiSauces overflow to bring you everything you find in our store.

This is our reckless pursuit of fun. We design and illustrate our own products, and print almost everything by hand in our small, home-based studio. We absolutely love what we do, therefore we are proud to offer our growing range of hand-made products to quality-conscious and creatively inspired individuals like yourself.

For even more awesome goodies, visit our proudly unorthodox subculture brand MoshKult (WARNING...NOT for the faint of heart and possibly NSFW)

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